Between mountain pastures, forests and summit crosses.

Picturesque Alpine chalets in harmony with the ruggedness of a magnificent mountain backdrop. Rich green, lush pastures, clear mountain lakes, majestic mountain peaks, enchanting Alpine flora. The right place to find peace, the perfect place to breathe deeply. A veritable source of inspiration. Our favourite place. There are thousands of reasons to love the mountains in the Ötztal. At least one of which you are bound to experience. Because the Ötztal in the summer has just as many wonderful sides as the gleaming winter. The concentrated power of the water at the Lehner waterfall, an almost endless expanse when looking over the rose gardens and blooming sites of regeneration, as far as the eye can see. We encounter untouched nature during our daily dose of sport, during a social evening at an Alpine chalet or when hiking through the picturesque natural landscapes of the Ötztal Alps. Thanks to the healthy altitude and favourable climate, nature doesn’t just give us energy and relaxation, it provides places of energy for you. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, refuel and experience real relaxation in its unique interplay with nature. Connect with the relaxed feeling of having arrived in your Ötztal Alpine summer.