Feel the happiness of relaxation.

Relax and take a deep breath. That’s the most important etiquette of our spa here at the Pension Neururer. This is where you can warm up again when you have cold feet after a day’s skiing or relax your tired muscles after a mountain hike. The soothing warmth of our bio sauna in Sölden, the healing essences in our eucalyptus steam room and the pleasant calmness in our relaxation room act as a balm for the body and let your mind and soul breathe deeply. The right place to refuel, the perfect place to get some peace. We provide your valuable downtime with new stimuli and create lots of space for you to relax, linger and enjoy. For a wonderfully relaxed time that will benefit you long after your departure.

For those who
love hot things.
For all mild
sauna lovers.
For relaxation after
the sporting day.
Healing steam
or the body claimed.

The healing power of touch.

An invaluable massage can do more than just relax you. As well as the soothing feeling of letting go, the healing power of touch works on your body’s states of stress and the circulation of your entire muscular system. It removes mental and emotional blockages, has a holistically vitalising effect and activates the energy centres of your body. A veritable fountain of youth. An invitation to reorganise and heal. For thoughts that relax and souls that breathe easily. For more energy and well-being. With pure natural oils made from native medicinal herbs and individually selected massage and therapy techniques, which make it easy to rediscover your inner balance. Enjoy some downtime, indulge in a massage, work up a real sweat in our bio sauna and experience relaxation in Sölden with all your senses. In short: Let us really pamper you. This is wellness, Alpine-style, at the Pension Neururer.

Relaxation made in Tyrol.